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    PABMC has expanded its business to meet a void in Minority Affairs. PABMC offers business solutions on the supply side to large scale companies and organizations, while maintaining the consulting and management service as a part of its existing MBE Services.

    PABMC partners with companies that have existing relationships on a state and federal level that are in need of a MBE component. Companies seeking this service should contact Dennis A. Barnett directly using the contact form.

    Propinquity Associates Business and Management Consulting (PABMC) is a certified Minority Business Enterprise.

    Training and Development are the vehicles we use along with unique designs to help to meet our clients and partners’ particular needs. Some of the approaches are listed below:

    • Administrative Management
    • Business Management Support Services
    • General Training
    • Quality Management
    • Technical Support Management
    • Developing Creativity and Innovation
    • Developing Business Efficiency and Effectiveness
    • Coordinate Support Services
    • Human Resources Consulting Services

    We provide general support, logistical services and administrative management services as well.

    General support services can include the coordinating of services with other service providers while logistical services involves getting equipment, stock materials and other inventory items to client locations.

    We welcome the opportunity to work with partners who would like to engage our services.