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    Propinquity Associates Business and Management Consulting (PABMC) is a certified Minority Business Enterprise.

    As we look at Knowledge Management and People Development as the foundation of our business, we see that the people, processes and technology are all key to how we impact a business.

    The people of an organization are key to an organization’s success. We look to draw value from them and strengthen and increase their contribution. The processes on the other hand, in an organization are integral to how products and services are delivered. Oftentimes, they are not as efficient and effective as they can be. Technology plays a part in every business some to a lesser degree than others, either way they are tools to be used to aid workers in the delivery of the company’s product or service. Using these tools well can be an opportunity to create value. All of the areas above we at Propinquity Associates Business and Management Consulting touch in order to help our clients or partners to be successful.

    Training and Development are the vehicles we use along with unique designs to help to meet our clients and partners’ particular needs. Some of the approaches are listed below:

    •  Administrative Management
    • Business Management Support Services
    • General Training
    • Quality Management
    • Technical Support Management
    • Developing Creativity and Innovation
    • Developing Business Efficiency and Effectiveness
    • Coordinate Support Services
    • Human Resources Consulting Services

    We provide general support, logistical services and administrative management services as well.

    General support services can include the coordinating of services with other service providers
    while logistical services involves getting equipment, stock materials and other inventory items to client locations.

    We welcome the opportunity to work with partners who would like to engage our services.